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When Hobbies Run Amuck!


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It started out simple enough. My husband and I were between building houses and didn’t have a major project that needed to be done. We didn’t want to turn into total couch potatoes so we thought a new hobby was the answer. But what do you do when hobbies run amuck!

Maybe I need to back up a bit. Like I said, it started out very simple. My husband and I thought about the various things we could do and I mentioned that I enjoyed throwing pots when I was in high school. I had only done it for one semester, but I remembered how much I enjoyed it. The next thing I knew (literally two minutes hadn’t gone by) and my husband had jumped onto the internet, found a class and signed us up.  That started our Friday night pottery classes.

Well it turned out to be wonderful.  My husband, who went into it not knowing if he would like it, soon learned he enjoyed it almost as much as I did. That was in the winter of 2005. Our hobby was interrupted while we built a new house that we started that fall. We planned on continuing with pottery as soon as the house was done, which we did.

While designing the house, we decided to insulate and add a heater in the garage. We put in a large utility sink and counter and ran a 240 volt plug. Once we had moved in, we bought two electric wheels, drove nine hours to pick up a “like new” kiln in a neighboring city, bought glazes, clay, tools and spent hours watching U-tube videos. And that was just the beginning.

We made pots, lot of pots.

When a hobby runs a much! hagtips.com

Once we got past making dog dishes, we made vases, bowls, plates and  platters.

When a hobby runs a much!

We made sugar bowels, planters, mugs and more. After running out of reasonable places to put them or use them in our house we started giving them as gifts.

When a hobby runs a much! hagtips.com

At this point I started wondering if we were turning into “Aunt Katherine.” Aunt Katherine was a nice woman who loved to crochet. She didn’t have a lot of money and yet she always gave everyone a Christmas gift or when a baby was born she always gave a gift. Unfortunately they always included crocheting. Crocheted tissue box covers, Christmas decorations, dresses, scarfs, ponchos. Some of the baby items were actually very nice, but you get the picture. I didn’t want to turn into “that relative.” So my husband and I tried selling some of our pottery on E-Bay. Not a single one sold. Luckily at this time I also had a new yard to put in which curtailed the output of pots, or I don’t know what would have happened.

I know I am not alone in this type of behavior. I have been in houses where the wife has run amuck with stenciling; little sayings plastered every where in the house.  Or the woman who can’t stop baking. Her family can and should only consume so much. Then there is the avid runner. You see them out in 10 degree weather running down the street avoiding the snow plows.  So what do you do when hobbies run amuck?

Some of the really smart and capable people turn those hobbies into careers. Woman have turned their obsession for cupcakes into thriving businesses. Some of the health nuts are making big bucks in their own gyms. My husband who loved music opened a recording studio years ago.

There are plenty of success stories out there, but reader beware! Your once beloved hobby can become a job!  Although my husband still loves doing his own music, it is a job. When your passion is your hobby you love and enjoy it.  When it becomes your job there are many things you will have to do that aren’t so much fun, and don’t get me started on the financial issues.

So I guess the answer is moderation in all things.  This is something I was taught as a child and is still true today. I guess I am telling this to myself as much as anyone else. I love building new houses. I love it! I love designing houses, I love getting out on the job site with the smell of new lumber. We have built three houses where we were the general contractor and did much of the work. As crazy as it may sound I would love to build another house. But although the spirit is willing the flesh had grown weak. Just helping my daughter frame her basement a week ago took it’s toll on my 50 something husband.

So what is this house building hobbyist going to do. I guess I’ll be a blogger.

(P.S. Does anyone want to buy a pot?)

When hobbies runs a muck!





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