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Busy Baby Monsters by Grandma Dawn | HagtipsHagtips

Busy Baby Monsters by Grandma Dawn


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What do Busy Baby Monsters have to do with Home and Garden Tips? The answer is that my home and garden wouldn’t be complete without my grandchildren. Children for many of us is why we care so much about what happens in our homes and gardens, the two are definitely linked. Anyway my grandchildren inspired me to write and illustrate some children’s books. The adventures my adorable monsters tackle, take place in the home and garden. (No coincidence there.)

Busy Baby Monster Books

As a mother of five children I have had my share of childhood adventures. For twenty years I also entertained and taught hundreds of children in my dance studio.  It wasn’t until I started tending my grandchildren that I was inspired to create the Busy Baby Monsters. These children’s books are aimed at entertaining and encouraging creativity and confidence in children. If the books happen to teach a few other basic skills along the way, all the better.

Who are the Busy Baby Monsters?

The names of the monsters in the books are the actual names of my grandchildren. Many of the adventures in the books are things that either my children have done while growing up, or things that my grandchild love to do. My second book, (coming soon) Busy Baby Monsters Celebrate Halloween in July was inspired by a photo I have of my children and their friends. One summer day, they and their friends came up with their own costumes for an impromptu costume party. They entertained themselves for a long time that day. It’s a great memory and an example of the creativity of children. Some of the kids in that picture have grown up to be very create adults as artist, dancers, and accomplishing many other creative endeavors.

Busy Baby Monsters

Helping Young Kids Build Confidence!

We adults sometimes have a  hard time standing back and letting a child stir a cup of cocoa, or pour their own glass of milk for the first time. There is a very good chance that they will spill a little, but the satisfaction on their faces, when they have “done it themselves” is priceless. Some of my books may take that concept to a bit of an extreme, but busy baby monsters can get away with it. (You can explain to your child that Mom sometimes likes to help a little.)

I am having such a great time doing these books, and the response from my own grandchildren has been worth the effort.  I hope your child will enjoy hearing about the Busy Baby Monsters adventures.  I think children and parents alike will be able to relate to these Busy Baby Monsters. You may vary well have one in your own home.

In these colorful picture books our adorable monsters take on childhood adventures with enthusiasm, determination and a lot of creativity.  Children ages 1-4 will enjoy the simple rhymes as Busy Baby Monsters introduce them to the joy of exploring new possibilities.

Receive A Free Video Book!

The Busy Baby Monsters Video Books are narrated with music and sounds and includes the Busy Baby Monsters theme song for your child to enjoy. They are easily downloaded and are formatted to play on most devices. They make it possible for your child to watch the video and enjoy the stories all by themselves. Buy the first book Busy Baby Monsters and Easter Eggs on Amazon and receive a coupon code for a Free Video to go with your ebook.

Please Share and Add A Review!

Check out busybabymonsters.com and hop on over to Amazon and get a copy of the book so you can get your free video. After you have had a chance to take a look at the book I would really appreciate it if you would leave a review on the Amazon page.  You can do that here. Thanks